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Helping nurses with developmental care and family integrated care is essential for promoting positive outcomes in the NICU. Incubeats supports this approach with:

  • creating a soothing environment that replicate the womb soundcape to help infants regulate their physiological response and promote better sleep and growth,

  • developing individualized care in providing customized recording using the mother's heartbeat and voice,

  • empowering parent in being actively involved in their baby's well-being and reassuring them in the significance of their role,

  • demonstrating compassion and empathy, fostering a supportive envirnement for the entire family.

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Protocol of playing to babies at hospital a recording of mum’s voice and/or heartbeat  was used in several clinical studies. Nelow are some extracts of their conclusions.

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"Auditory interventions used during heel lance reduce the pain and increase the comfort of the premature infants. White noise is extremely effective in preventing infants's pain"

Karhraman and Al.The effects of auditory interventions on pain and comfort in premature newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit; a randomised controlled trial. 2020

"Considering the positive effect of maternal heart sound given to preterm infants during aspiration, we recommend that this method can be used in NICU"

Alemdar.Effect of maternal heart sounds on physiological parameters in preterm infants during aspiration.2017

"We conclude that auditory stimulation of preterm infants during using taped mothers' voice improves emotional stability of the mothers and development of their preterm infants. In particular, development of speech and understanding appear to improve until six years of postnatal age."

Nocker-Ribaupierre. The effects of mother's voice on the longterm development of preterm infants: a prospective randomized study. 2015

"infants receiving Biological Maternal Sound significantly improved their weight gain velocity"

Zimmerman. Weight gain velocity in very low-birth-weight infants: effects of exposure to biological maternal sounds. 2013

"preliminary evidence for short-term improvements in the physiological stability of NICU infants using MSS"

Doheny. Exposure to biological maternal sounds improves cardiorespiratory regulation in extremely preterm infants. 2012


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How it works



Mum records her voice and heartbeat on the application



The application layers the 2 tracks and add a womb filter



The track can be played in the incubator using a smarthone/tablet and a Bluetooth speaker

At hospital: List
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