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What are expected the benefits of Incubeats?

Research shows that exposing the baby to the maternal voice and heartbeat may bring a range of benefits including: promote breastfeeding, reduce pain, promote neurodevelopment, reduce frequency of cardiorespiratory events, promotes sleep, promotes language development, promotes cognitive functioning, reduces stress. 

The mother may experience less stress and anxiety, because she may take comfort in the fact that she is caring for her baby and that her baby senses her. In turn, this empowerment may increase her ability to express milk for her child if she wishes.

Neonatal staff may experience fewer emotional difficulties with this tool which hopes to promote the health of the infant and mother.

Contact us to learn more about the evidence-based nature of Incubeats.

How is Incubeats unique?

We are aware of many fantastic mobile apps that serve to promote integration of the family, baby and staff in neonatal units. Primarily, the means of connection is through nurses sending media of the baby to the family. These apps connect families when they cannot visit the units.

Incubeatsis complementary to these apps. Rather than send information about the baby to the family, signals from the family are sent to the baby. Like the aforementioned apps, this enables families to feel connected when it is not practically possible. Additionally, though, this direction of communication frees up the nurses involvement,

empowers the parents to play an active and independent role in care, and provides nurturing stimulation to the baby. 

Can I get involved?

Absolutely! Incubeats are seeking out individuals to help with developing and launching this product. Involvement at any level is invaluable - whether you would like to be kept in the loop about the app's development, share your experiences/opinions with us, donate to our start-up, or be a part of the team. Just drop us an email.

When can I get the mobile app?

We are working hard to develop the mobile app as quick as possible - especially as the pandemic has exacerbated separation that already exists in the neonatal unit. 

Incubeats are currently trialing prototypes of the app in neonatal units. We are using feedback to further tailor the app to the needs to parents and professionals. 

To be informed of the app's launch, please subscribe to our website. To help the app's development progress faster, please don't hesitate to get involved (see above).

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