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What are expected the benefits of Incubeats?

Research shows that exposing babies to their mothers voice and heartbeat offers numerous benefits for the babies' emotional wellbeing, cognitive development and the establishment of a strong parent-child bond. It creates a nurturing environment that promotes growth, security as well as a sense of love and belonging.

Contact us to learn more about the evidence-based nature of Incubeats.

How is Incubeats unique?

Incubeats offers a unique approach to supporting the well-being of babies and their families in the NICU.

A few ways in which Incubeats stands out:

  • Innovative technology: Incubeats utilises advanced technology to capture and deliver the comforting sounds of a mother's voice and heartbeat to their baby in the NICU, through specially designed recordings that create a nurturing environment that mimics the familiar sound of the womb.

  • Customized solution: Incubeats understands that each baby and family is unique. We offer personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each family, ensuring that the benefits for baby are optimised.

  • Collaboration: Incubeats works closely with medical professionals and NICU staff to integrate their approach seamlessly into the existing care framework.

  • Parent empowerment: Incubeats provides education and support to parents, recognising the significance of their role in their baby's care journey.

Can I get involved?

Absolutely! Incubeats are seeking out individuals to help with developing and launching this product. Involvement at any level is invaluable - whether you would like to be kept in the loop about the app's development, share your experiences/opinions with us, donate to our start-up, or be a part of the team. Just drop us an email.

When can I get the mobile app?

The app will be released this summer 2023!

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